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Professional food photography: the key to selling your services as a Chef

Professional food photography: the key to selling your services as a Chef
We don’t know about you, but we only need to picture our favourite food and our mouth starts to water!  That of course is the thing about food, a picture is all you need for your emotions to take over and you can actually taste the food.

The power of a picture can be awesome, after all the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” wasn’t invented for nothing. Professional food photography has the ability to help you sell your services as a Chef, increase your sales, attract new customers, and get you that all-important job.

Often, however the problem is that although many Chefs agree wholeheartedly that photography of food is worth the time and effort, the benefits and importance of professional photography is undervalued, especially as in the modern world everyone considers it possible to be the next David Bailey with their smart phone. A professional quality photograph is so much more than just the final image it is about the creative direction, composition, props, staging, lighting, angles and colours that makes it all come together and that is only learnt over time and with experience.

Leave the live and real images to your customers who can share the photos taken on their phones because as a professional Chef, your food is an extension of you and you need to portray your food in the most enticing and creative manner possible to showcase your experience and skills.

One of the biggest fears is the price of having a professional photograph your food, as the initial investment can appear costly, although it should be viewed as a long-term commitment because the right images can be used over and over including on printed material such as menus and business cards and they are invaluable on CVs, job profile and websites.
In the end your investment in your food will literally speak for itself.
Posted: 18 May 2015 18:24:00
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