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Why You Should Consider Moving To London
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Why you should consider moving to London

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

At some point in your career, you may have considered working in London. It is one of the world’s most important hubs of finance, trade and commerce, with significant footholds in the technology, creative and service sectors.

The biggest sector for jobs in London is services, which provides the vast majority of all jobs in the city. Within this sector, there are lots of opportunities for skilled household staff as well as for corporate catering and hospitality staff who want to work in the capital, although competition can be stiff for certain positions. Being able to speak another language as well as English is a definite advantage in this multicultural city.

London is home to approx. 9 million people with around 40% having been born outside of the UK, making for a wonderfully diverse cultural mix, where over 300 languages are spoken.


When not at work, there are many diversions to explore in London. Culturally, the city is at the heart of everything, and you’re guaranteed never to be bored. As the poet Samuel Johnson put it so well: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

It is no surprise then that London is one of the most visited cities worldwide, with Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London attracting millions of tourists annually. London is also one if the greenest cities in Europe, with many large recreation spaces, including Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, Kensington Gardens and Richmond Park.

For music fans, there are over 300 venues putting on a staggering 17,000 performances a year, from club nights, gigs and open mic nights.

London is also world famous as a shopping haven, with options ranging from Oxford Street and Bond Street, all the way through to small neighbourhood boutiques.

Eating and drinking

With such a number of different cultures making London their home, you can experience international cuisine from anywhere in the world. London is considered one of the most innovative places for food globally, with over 4000 restaurants waiting to be explored, so there is always somewhere new to try.


Many parts of London started as individual villages or towns that were eventually absorbed into the city, but what remains are a variety of neighbourhoods, each unique in personality, style and atmosphere.

It is well known that accommodation isn’t cheap in London, although you could find yourself living in some of the most exclusive parts of the city if you live-in for work. If you’re planning to rent, make sure you have all necessary documentation, translated into English and certified, where necessary.


London is home to some of the best state, grammar and fee-paying schools in the UK, as well as 43 universities including the world-renowned Kings College, University College London and London School of Economics.


London has transport covered, which is essential for live-out positions. Public transport above and below ground will quickly take you all over the city, while St Pancras is on hand for trains to Paris and Brussels. There are also 10,000 iconic bikes to rent across the city in over 700 docking stations, so you’re never far from a ride, and the first 30 minutes are free too.

As for air travel, London is served by five major airports flying non-stop to hundreds of worldwide destinations, so you can travel anywhere if you need to escape the city.

Working in London

Opportunities are currently plentiful for both private household staff and also corporate catering and hospitality staff at all levels.

Until the UK leaves the European Union, EU and EEA citizens do not need a special work visa to work in London however, it is possible they will after Brexit. Citizens outside of the EU and EEA will need the appropriate visa for their situation. This is usually a General or Tier 2 visa, for which you will need a job offer and sponsorship from a UK employer before you can get your work visa and start work.

If you’re looking to move to London, do get in contact with us. We’d be pleased to discuss your options with you, and provide an assessment of the market in your area of specialisation.

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