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2021 For Greycoat Lumleys
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2021 For Greycoat Lumleys

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by Collette Negre

What a 25th anniversary year it has been!

This was our 25th anniversary year and, like everyone, we went into 2021 hoping for the best but braced for the unexpected. We had reason to be positive: despite the challenges of 2020, we had invested and seen growth in the most challenging year ever. We are pleased to report that 2021 certainly delivered and we owe it to you – our loyal and valued clients – as well as our hard-working teams who ensure services continue no matter what life throws at them and, of course, our talented candidates (many who have recommended their network to us) whose professionalism retains our proud history and reputation.

So, what’s the latest from us – and how does it affect you?
You may recall that last year we announced that we had seen huge growth in our rural operations – with clients in rural areas needing everything from childcare and domestic staff to private chefs. It was also the year that we announced our acquisition of the Esprit group and this, combined with people finally being able to safely organise events again, has seen ourCatering and Hospitalitydepartment thriving with both corporate and private functions.

But perhaps our biggest news is that, not only have we been able to take back all our furloughed staff, increased demand for our services has seen us recruit over 20 more fabulous administrators, consultants and managers – making this the biggest we’ve ever been with a 60-strong team!

The biggest challenge we’re now facing is keeping up with demand for candidates. Thankfully with a 25-year reputation, we have an unrivalled database of talented professionals all of whom we know and trust. In addition, we use a range of leading and innovative marketing strategies to ensure that we not only continue to attract the very best candidates but that we match you with the ones you will get along with best. Because no matter how big we grow, we will always retain the personal approach that is responsible for 25 years of successful placements.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a successful 2022

We hope that 2021 was all that you hoped it would be but however it was for you, maybe we can help you make 2022 even better? Whether it is Covid-safe childcare so that you can build that business or just finally have a little more time, expert catering for that big milestone party or property management that gives you complete peace of mind, we’re here for all your requirements in 2022.

From everyone at Greycoat Lumleys
Debbie Salter
Managing Director

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