Ibiza Couple Job

Ibiza Couple Job - Year round opportunity for a lovley family

A returning client of Greycoat Lumleys is seeking a live in Couple for their beautiful and ideally situated property in Ibiza, Spain.

The property is set aside from the main hustle and bustle of the island and is occasionally used for rentals, 4/5 each summer season. The clients seek an astute couple who like them are seeking a long term employment relationship and who will make this job their own, take ownership and initiative to run the property seamlessly all year round and provide exceptional service to the family when they are in residence.

The Job Role – Live In Housekeeping Couple – Ibiza

The role will include hands on property management and management of the vehicles. The responsibilities are full time but will vary significantly between the periods when the property is in use (helping cook, clean, drive et)c and periods when it is empty and responsibilities focus on oversight and light maintenance.

Key features of this job are as follow

When the family is not present

  • Ensuring that the property is kept clean, secure and well maintained
  • Daily property clean and freshen to ensure no damp, water is run, no breakages  
  • Preparing the property before any arrival and closing it up when we leave including setting out/in our outdoor furniture& cushions and also moving the kit in and out of the boathouse.
  • Ensuring that the house is stocked in advance of any arrival with food and drink in both indoor and outdoor kitchens
  • Building relationships with key providers so you know who to contact for any issues and to ensure any contracts for garden etc are done properly
  • Managing the maintenance, doing basic DIY and decoration but for larger projects in co-ordination with contractors as required as well as directly managing the pool and cleaning machines
  • Ensuring that the cars are well maintained, serviced (including MOT) and fuelled & cleaned regularly
  • Co-ordinating with the gardener the planting & maintenance of the garden as well as helping him out as appropriate
  • Managing water supplies into the house from the water truck to ensure sufficient supply at all times
  • Overseeing electricity consumption via solar and generator to optimise solar use
  • Managing fuel for generator as needed & liaising with the provider
  • Ensuring AV and IT is working and getting specialists in as needed, especially ahead of family (or rental guests) arriving
  • Checking all hot water & air conditioning is working in every room before arrival
  • Providing receipts and invoices for expenses to the accountants

In addition to the above & when the family is present

  • Continuing to ensure that the property is kept tidy (for example tidying up towels) and doing family laundry, changing bedlinen and washing towels
  • Keeping outdoor kitchen & furniture clean and protected if it rains & covering overnight.
  • Cooking for the family in particular in preparing breakfast. The meal requirements for just the family are relatively simple and you will be given guidance (e.g. tortilla, baked fish, roast chicken, barbecue & salads). When there are many guests, a professional cook may be engaged & you will be asked to support with preparation  
  • Helping serve and clear up after meals
  • Doing the external food shopping on a daily basis as required and with limited direction needed from the family
  • Driving as appropriate the family when they go out to dinner or beach lunches as well as collecting family and guests from the airport & always ensuring car is clean and refuelled
  • Managing the rubbish – there are large refuse facilities close by but the successful couple is responsible for taking rubbish to them
  • Ensuring that the property is locked up at night with the alarm on when required
  • If needed, supporting the use of the boat and the boathouse, helping drive people there, keep it clean
  • Keeping storage deposit tidy and managing e-bikes (checking batteries and keeping them clean)
  • Babysitting for the younger children if no other family member present.

When the family are in residence the successful applicants will have 1 day off per week, but it is at the discretion of the owners when this is taken.   

Typical days the family would have breakfast at 08:00 or later, and dinner will be 20:30 with breaks being taken during the day so the total hours per day would typically be 10.

When the family is not present the workload is very much reduced & annual leave can be taken to during these periods.

The family are typically there 6-8 weeks per year (1 week in May, 1 week in October, 4-6 weeks July / August) and there are approx. 4 weeks of rental guests.

Employment package

  • A competitive salary for the local area.
  • Excellent standards of free accommodation, insurance and utilities other than mobile phones.The flat is attached to the end of the property. It includes a kitchen/living room, TV’s and en suite bathroom
  • Reasonable use of Reasonable use of a car when we are not present including free fuel
  • Additional time off when we are not present as agreed.

What the family is looking for is a couple who

  • Cheerful and easy going but tidy and organised and ready to keep the house clean as well as manage the day to day requirements of the house
  • Skilled and efficient housekeepers to keep it in good order & clean and manage laundry & ironing etc 
  • Manage hectic periods of activity when we are present with a much slower pace of life when we are not there
  • Love children  (and a dog if we bring him) We have 3 children (13,11,9) and often other families come with their children
  • Self starters who take pride in their role and can identify problems and proactively solve them, allowing the family to enjoy the property without worrying or having lots of operational questions about its management
  • Candidates who are email and computer literate and who can report via email and give the family peace of mind
  • Candidates who can cook to a reasonable standard
  • Have a clean driving licence and experienced driver
  • Can speak English and Spanish to help with managing the property & local contractors, keeping them honest and ensuring any work is done to a high standard

Salary: Dependent on strength of Application – Agency Advised minimum of €4,500 NET

Accommodation: Of a very good standards is provided

JOB ID: 116378

Consultant: Archie McClintock