Housekeeper Job Description

Private Housekeeper Job Description

Considering a career as a private housekeeper?

Here are our answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked by candidates thinking about becoming housekeepers:

Housekeeping Duties, Responsibilities & Skills

How does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect your housekeeping work?

It’s important that the government’s emergency legislation and guidance is followed to ensure everyone’s safety. You should be able to self-isolate prior to starting your new job if required (including within clients’ households for live-in jobs, or in separate accommodation on their premises).

What are the duties and responsibilities of a housekeeper?

  • To ensure a home is kept organised, clean and tidy
  • Keep on top of the laundry, ironing and wardrobe management
  • Cooking
  • Running errands and organising the home
  • Driving (do the necessary shopping and school runs etc.)
  • Deal with the tradesmen that may come to the house and oversee their work
  • Specialist skills, such as care of a couture wardrobe or antiques and other artefacts
  • Pet care

What skills do you need to be a good housekeeper?

  • The ability to spot what needs doing in a home
  • Creating systems if and when needed and/or maintaining them
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Product/fabric/surface knowledge

Does a housekeeper do laundry?

Yes, washing, ironing and handwashing - some more formal households will have a dedicated laundress.

What is included in a basic house cleaning?

  • General tidy up
  • Daily cleaning of Kitchen, Bathrooms, Loos and public areas
  • Hoovering and dusting
  • Making beds

How long does it take one person to clean a house?

Depends on the size of the house and the number of bedrooms.

What are housekeeping rules?

  • Discretion
  • High attention to detail
  • Not cutting corners

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Housekeeping Career

Is housekeeping a career?

It is indeed for many and there is progression if that is what someone wants i.e becoming a Head Housekeeper and maybe moving onto being a House Manager eventually.

Is being a housekeeper a good job?

It is and the salaries on offer are very competitive in fact, they can be higher than some office jobs!

Why do I want to be a housekeeper?

Excellent career with excellent salaries available. If you enjoy hands on work and seeing the immediate results of your work, then this is for you!

What is a housekeeping job like?

It can be demanding and very busy if working in a busy and active family home.

What are 3 qualities a housekeeper should possess?

  • Attention to detail
  • Organisational skills
  • The ability to learn and adapt in the household they work in

Housekeeper Salary

How much should a housekeeper get paid hourly?

Depends on the role and the experience but part timer usually in the range of £11 - £13 net per hour. Full time Housekeepers, depending on the level, can range between £26 - £43K. Find out more on the average housekeeper salaries page.

How do housekeepers get paid?

Generally via payroll.

What hours does a housekeeper work?

In the country generally 40 hours per week. In London a 40/50 hour week. However, some jobs are not fixed hours and Monday to Friday but can requires shifts and rotas.

Housekeeper vs. Maid vs. Cleaning Lady

What is the difference between a housekeeper and a cleaning lady?

A cleaner is generally there to ensure a home is kept clean and tidy and do the laundry and ironing. Quite often guided by the instructions given. A Housekeeper is expected to be more a self-starter, able to run a home, oversee tradesmen, keep track of household stocks, possibly do inventory, create systems within the house etc.

What's the difference between a maid and a housekeeper?

A Maid usually works under instruction and within a structure and routine i.e Hotel Maids or those in fully staffed households.

Executive Housekeeper

What are the duties and responsibilities of an executive housekeeper?

  • Spot checks
  • Impeccable standards of housekeeping
  • Organising the home
  • Could include supervising other housekeepers and/or assisting a Head Housekeeper/Manager

What is housekeeping manager duties and responsibilities?

  • Running of a home or establishment
  • Supervising other housekeeper/cleaners
  • Spot check
  • Being hands on where needed with housekeeping duties, training, recruiting and more

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