Staff for Shooting Parties

Shooting Party Staff are used to working in remote locations (out of reach of local supermarkets and mobile phone signals!) and therefore are able to think on their feet and use their initiative. They generally love the sporting way of life and will have experience of working on a variety of estates and assimilating into many different situations and environments.

We can source Shooting Party Staff for Full Seasons, your Sporting Week, or Shooting Party Weekends.

  • Lodge Cooks

Lodge Cooks have to have a sound understand of working on shooting estates and in sporting lodges. Greycoat Lumleys’ Lodge Cooks have great organisational skills and an extensive knowledge of cooking with game, fresh fish and other locally sourced produce.

Lodge Cooks may be faced with a state of the art kitchen to work in, or a small, little used, family space, and have to be flexible and used to dealing with these challenges, as well as last minute changes in the party size, varying timings, guest dietary requirements and so on. 

  • Lodge Couples

We can source fantastic multi-tasking Couples for Full Seasons, or for weekends or shorter time frames. Our Couples are adept at meeting and greeting, caring for the needs of guests, housekeeping, cooking, and generally running all the requirements for the duration of the party.

We can also find Couples with management skills, who are capable of running Commercial Shoots, making bookings and organising additional staff etc.

  • Temporary Housekeepers for the Shooting Season

Temporary Housekeepers can take on hands-on organisation of the shooting party property, including cleaning, laundry, guest change over periods, supporting the Lodge Cook, some service duties and much more.

Ask our team about our excellent database of Shooting Party Staff.

Available Candidates

The Candidates featured below are just a selection taken from the huge database of Candidates actively looking for work through Greycoat Lumleys.

If you don't see an ideal Candidate here, call us to discuss your needs.

Meet the Team for Shooting Party Staff

Lesley Jones
Shooting Party Staff for Scotland & Ireland
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Laura Harrall
Shooting Party Staff for North of England & Wales
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Darin Dabasay
Shooting Party Staff for Southern Rural Counties
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