Going on an Interview with a Potential Employer

  • Be sure you know where the interview will be held and allow enough time to arrive promptly
  • If you encounter any problems, let the person you are meeting or Greycoat Lumleys know that you are running late
  • Talk to your Greycoat Lumleys Consultant to find out as much about the position before going for interview. Interviewers will always ask why you want to work for them!
  • Make sure you have all appropriate documents with you. Clients may want to see originals for themselves
  • Dress appropriately, paying particular attention to details such as your nails and shoes and not too much jewellery
  • Be discreet about your previous employers
  • Do not ask about packages and remuneration – this can be done with your Greycoat Lumleys Consultant afterwards
  • Prepare yourself for questions that might be asked. Know your CV and dates
  • Think of examples of where your previous experience will have helped in being able to apply for this new position
  • Even if you have reservations about the role – be positive. You can discuss your concerns with your Consultant after your interview
  • Be concise and answer questions with confidence. If you do not understand, say so, do not just talk around the subject
  • Always be polite and thank the interviewer for their time

Our Offices

Greycoat Lumleys London office covers jobs in London, South of England and International
Greycoat Lumleys NoE office covers jobs in the majority of counties in the North of England and Wales
Greycoat Lumleys Edinburgh office covers jobs in Scotland