Greycoat Lumleys Expectations

When selecting Candidates we may want to register, we look for:

  • Recent, related experience or very strong transferable skills from relevant work situations
  • Bear in mind that our Clients often seek Candidates with at least two years experience in a relevant, similar environment. For some jobs,  in childcare for example, significantly more experience may be required
  • Great, checkable references
  • Ringing your referees in advance and asking them to respond to reference check calls in a timely manner is a big help!
  • Well presented CV with good grammar, spelling and concise information
  • A good work history without gaps (gaps in your work history need to be accounted for)
  • Honesty – make sure you back up your CV and application with evidence of experience

Our Top Tips For A Great CV

A great CV is the best way to introduce yourself to our agency. Our top tips would be:

  • Remember that your CV is the first impression that an agency or prospective employer will get of you so you need to get it right
  • A 2 page rule is a good guide, but if you need to use more space to include all of your relevant experience, don't be afraid to run to more than 2 pages
  • Start with your most recent job first, make sure all the dates are correct and you can explain any gaps
  • Include details of all of your work experience that is relevant to the position you are applying to. The reader won't know that you have housekeeping experience for example if you don't include it in your CV
  • If you are going to include a photo on your CV, ensure that it is a photo that will present you professionally, not a holiday snap
  • Always use a professional sounding email address. Personal email addresses can sometimes present you in the wrong way
  • Don't use lots of different fonts and colours or use all BLOCK CAPITALS as this is very difficult to read and does not look very professional
  • Most importantly, be honest! You do not want to find yourself on the other side of the world in a job on or a trial where your capabilities do not match up to what you claim on your  CV

Our Offices

Greycoat Lumleys London office covers jobs in London, South of England and International
Greycoat Lumleys NoE office covers jobs in the majority of counties in the North of England and Wales
Greycoat Lumleys Edinburgh office covers jobs in Scotland